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Ulduar 8: Mimiron

Enviado: Qui Abr 09, 2009 4:54 pm
por Boidanado
Wowwiki info: Mimiron

Phase 1 : On engage Mimiron immediately jumps into a vehicle called Leviathan MKII.
Phase 2 : When Leviathan MKII is destroyed, Mimiron gets in VX-001, an Anti-personnel Assault Cannon.
Phase 3 : When VX-001 is destroyed, Mimiron gets into his Aerial Command Unit.
Phase 4 : Mimiron forms all of the other weapons used previously into V0-L7R-0N. Each of the previous phase's targets have their own health pool and can be targeted separately. All three targetable sections begin this phase at 50% health.

Fase pra caralho.. depois eu leio tudo haha, fui. Videozinho do kill ai.

Re: Ulduar 8: Mimiron

Enviado: Qui Jul 09, 2009 5:47 pm
por Sluchesi
Bom e detalhado guia pra Mimiron 25-man:


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