O que aconteceu com Ruins OF War ?

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Urangutango careca com franja na testa
Urangutango careca com franja na testa
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O que aconteceu com Ruins OF War ?

Mensagempor KM-Treco » Dom Fev 07, 2010 5:23 pm

Esta ai alguns anuncios deles ^^ lendo (google tradutor) deu pra ter uma noção do que se passa com esse bom server ...

Server Down for Relocation & Upgrade
ADM-White escreveu:Posted: 05 Feb 2010, 23:38

We ordered new hardware and requested our servers to be put in a private rack on a private switch. We've also ordered hardware to take care of future DDoS-es.

Our datacenter has informed us that this can take anywhere up to 24 hours to do this upgrade as it is 1am for them right now. It requires physical relocation of the server within their network topology.

We can also assure you nothing has been lost or will be lost while this transition takes place. These steps are being taken to secure your server so that this never happens again.

I hope this does not hinder your plans too much but we assure you, Ruins of War will be back online asap.

Team ROW

Relocation Update
ADM-Red escreveu:Posted: Today, 02:19

As of now the situation is as follows:

Our existing host completed the relocation of our servers around 5 hours ago and we went ahead to clean up and run stress tests for future DDOS attacks. Sadly the results weren't as good as we'd hoped and after numerous arguments with them, we concluded by telling them to take a hike.

We then immediately went ahead and signed up for new dedicated servers at another host (local to the original) and also purchased a dedicated firewall box. High costs but then we have you guys to look after so what the heck!

We finished signing the deal with our new host about 1 hour ago and we have been given a guarantee that the new dedicated servers will be given to us within 24 hours, that should be 01.00am GMT Monday. When these servers are delivered we will need some time to setup our server and security structure and to make sure everything is correctly setup and configured.

Many of you may get upset at the further delay and loss of a whole weekend but we like to finish what we start, and Ruins of War just started with the end many years away not a few days.

Regards speculations you may or may not have heard or read about the culprits that caused this headache...we will enlighten you all when it's time...but for now let’s just say, it's a good thing they done it now. It resulted in your home turning into a forte!

As long as everything goes according to schedule, server will be back online by Monday 8th.

Team ROW

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