Trial of the Crusader [ • Semi-Guide • ]

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Trial of the Crusader [ • Semi-Guide • ]

Mensagempor Jubeidono » Sex Ago 07, 2009 12:33 pm

Gormok – This is a big centaur looking dude (forget what they are called) like the ones in Borean Tundra.
* Stay out of the fires (duh)
* There are 3 segments to this fight.
1. Tank boss, attack boss, avoid fires on the floor.
2. Tank boss, Adds jump down, there are 4 of them (in 10 man). They jump ONTO a player. Kill them asap
3. After all adds are down, this is just tank and spank. No more fires, no more adds
* Stay out of the fires (still)..

Acidmaw and Dreadscale
* Acidmaw does a poison that slowly petrifies you. This can be removed by being close to the debuff Dreadscale does..
* Dreadscale does a fire debuff that is a LONG DoT and does a lot of damage. To remove it, go to the green circles that Acidmaw leaves (might be able to get it off from someone with the poison too, I don’t remember)
* One of them is stationary and the other is roving. This swaps every so often.
* They should die close to the same time since the other enrages when you kill the first.
* Good time to swap DPS is when they switch.. DPS the stationary one all the time until one or both are close to dying.
* Healers should watch people with the fire debuff especially. They take a TON of damage.
* Spread out so that less people get the debuffs at a time (they are ranged.. They spit them I guess)

* Does frost damage
* Spread out to avoid everyone getting hit by the ice trap breath at the same time..
* Tank him where you can, but the wall is good since he does a knock back.
* Every so often he will jump to the center and do an AoE stomp
o When this happens everyone is damaged
o And shot back against the wall unable to move.
o He will target a single player and look at them
o Soon, you will be free to run (with a speed boost!)
o If you are targeted run to either side (not forward!) quickly. If you are NEAR the person targeted run away too.
o If he hits the person (or anyone else).. They WILL DIE and he gets an enrage bonus
o If he misses everyone (which should happen every time.. this is really easy) he gets stunned.. (Good time for Heroism/Bloodlust)
* Once you get the hang of this, it’s pretty easy. Healers make sure people are topped off since the AoE stomp does a nice bit of damage sometimes.

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Re: Trial of the Crusader [ • Semi-Guide • ]

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